This ‘Cyborg’ Spinal Implant Could Help Paralyzed Walk Again

I recently came across this video that I found to be particularly interesting. It looks like scientists in France have recently created a remarkable, life-altering technology for patients with paralysis. It’s a”cyborg”-like spinal implant that could restore movement. Source: Futurism

How Does Bacteria Kill Their Competitors?

Bacteria kill their competitors by using antibiotics, toxic proteins that can kill other microorganisms.  These microorganisms can be of the same or different species. Bacteria known as Bacillus subtilis produce proteins that kill sister cells.  This behavior occurs when the bacteria are grown on a medium void of nutrients.  Sporulating cells release toxic proteins into […]

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

Therapeutic cancer vaccines can slow or stop cancer growth, shrink tumors, prevent cancer from returning, and even kill cancer cells that cannot be killed by other means. In order for a therapeutic cancer vaccine to work, it needs to stimulate a targeted and specific immune response, and recognize cancer cells that are being evasive. Cancer […]

New Invention May Revolutionize Analytical Chemistry

A new invention, developed by an FIU researcher, has the potential to revolutionize the field of analytical chemistry. The invention, which measures just 2 centimeters long and 2 millimeters in diameter, is a sorbent tube that could bring analytical chemistry to the masses. The device is simple yet highly sensitive, and is designed to sample […]