Experiment On Chickens Reverses Evolution

Brazilian researcher Joâo Botelho has successfully achieved an experimental reversal to produce a dinosaur-like trait in birds. The scientist inhibited a maturation gene in a chicken, causing it to develop with leg bones that resemble those of its prehistoric ancestors. This experimental achievement is reminiscent of paleontologist Jack Horner’s TED talk, “Building a Dinosaur From […]

The Path To Becoming A Forensic Scientist

If you are looking to get into an incredibly challenging, progressive, and rewarding career, then look no further than the field of forensic science. Forensic science offers the opportunity to contribute to society in a very meaningful way. A degree in forensic science will train you to use scientific principles to discover the truth behind […]

This ‘Cyborg’ Spinal Implant Could Help Paralyzed Walk Again

I recently came across this video that I found to be particularly interesting. It looks like scientists in France have recently created a remarkable, life-altering technology for patients with paralysis. It’s a”cyborg”-like spinal implant that could restore movement. Source: Futurism

Microbes In The News: Legionnaire’s Disease

This year, a total of six veterans who were at the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Pittsburg were diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease. Now, the Legionella pneumophila bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease has been found on three water fixtures in the same hospital. The first three cases that occurred earlier this year were not the same strain […]

“CSI Effect” Impacts Forensic Science

Many people are familiar with the field of forensic science from popular crime television shows, such as CBS’ long-running crime drama, CSI. The iconic crime show recently aired its last episode, after 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes. Over the years, CSI cemented itself within our society and largely influenced the way society perceives […]

7 Facts About Forensic Science

While you are probably familiar with the field of forensic science through various television shows, such as Law and Order or CSI, real-life forensic science is actually quite different from how these show portray the fields. Although forensic science is not what it appears to be on television, the field is still extremely interesting. I […]

Forensic Science: Origins and Early Methods

Forensic Science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past in which is then used in the court of law. Before the emergence of forensic science methods, criminal charges heavily relied on eyewitnesses or confessions in order to bring about a conviction. This made it very easy for criminals to escape […]