Scientists Record Birds Sleeping During Flight

For the first time ever, scientists have officially recorded birds sleeping during flight. Previously, it had been conjectured that birds sleep while flying, especially when they make continuous journeys that last from days to possibly even weeks. Birds seem able to continue with normal tasks that require physical engagement, such as flying and obtaining food, […]

The Speed of Science and Medical Advances

  Have we actually improved in the field of medicine? That is the question of many people, and the answer to that is yes. The past decade has seen some extremely impressive advances in our modern medicine. We have seen impressive improvements in people’s health due to these medicines that have increased their standard of […]

“To Catch a Criminal”: Forensic Teams Catching Criminals due to Research on Microscopic Algae

There are plenty of crime shows on television for anyone interested in the genre. It is exciting to watch as Eric Delko or Sherlock Holmes solve crimes with evidence both mundane and unusual: blood spatter, fingerprints, ear prints, tire tracks, footprints and the omnipresent “DNA sample.” It all seems so obvious at the end because […]