The Speed of Science and Medical Advances


Have we actually improved in the field of medicine? That is the question of many people, and the answer to that is yes. The past decade has seen some extremely impressive advances in our modern medicine. We have seen impressive improvements in people’s health due to these medicines that have increased their standard of living. But what exactly are those advancements? Here we find out.

HIV is a common disease in the United States, with a big quantity of people reporting to have it. It can be absolutely irritating when it comes to treating it. But what have scientists done? In 2006, the brand Atripla created tablets to help out with HIV. Each tablet contains three antiretroviral drugs. To many, this is now a blessing, because they wouldn’t have to stress out anymore about treating their problems.

Another very common problem not just in the United States but also everywhere in the world is cancer. According to statistics, around 39 percent of people in the United States will be diagnosed with some type of cancer. This is one of the worst problems to have, and one that scares many people due to the high death rates. What improvement has there been to cancer? Well, according to the website CNN on a recap they did, over 25 drugs were approved by the FDA that will be more helpful than chemotherapy or radiation. Target therapies have been the focus of cancer researchers for more than 10 years, and this is a breakthrough. The National Cancer Institute said that treatments can be individualized based on the type of cancer of the patient. Hopefully, we can see a bigger percentage of people surviving cancer.

Overtime, many people have had an increasing fear of vaccines, with reports coming out that they were linked to autism. However, in 2006, a new successful vaccine was approved by the FDA. This is the human papillomavirus vaccine. It protects against HPV strains that trigger cervical cancer and warts. However, one needs three injections in a period of 6 months, but it is much better to be safe than not to be safe from these types of problems.

Obviously, there is much more to come in terms of medicine advances. We’ve yet to find a complete cure for cancer or the end of conditions like Down Syndrome, but we can expect these solutions to these in the future.For more information on scientific updates, facts and statistics, visit